Belly Shack

Belly shack is the new restaurant from Bill Kim of Urban Belly fame. Urban Belly impressed me with its aggressiveness of flavor, so I was hoping for a similar experience at Belly Shack, a hybrid Latin American-Korean eatery.

roasted sweet potatoes with maple and pho spices

I love anything with sweet potatoes, and these were no exception. These really could have been served as dessert – the maple syrup giving these a very strong sweetness that I found a little overwhelming. That said, I could have eaten a hubcap full of these.


The boricua was an interesting take on the jibarito, a sandwich with smashed fried plantains in place of bread. Rather than the usual meat filling, this rendition included soft tofu, which added more texture than flavor to the dish. The rest of the components more than made up for this: the plantains, fried on the spot, were perfectly tender and a little crispy, and the spice of the accompanying sauce give this sandwich a just-right heat that really brought the whole thing together.

bacon chocolate chip ice cream

I had expected the ice cream to included bits of cookie and bacon buried within, but instead the cookie and bacon bits were served as toppings. Though I was a bit disappointed that I wouldn’t get to go on a Ben and Jerry’s type adventure to find all the mix-ins, I was eating chocolate chip cookies. And bacon. On ice cream. Enough said.

Belly Shack’s flavors did not disappoint. Like Urban Belly, an entree and a side will go for around 15 dollars. It may be a little steep, but when the food is this good, it’s hard to complain.

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