New Year New Post

Surprise! I am behind in posting once again. I do have a pretty good excuse though: I started a baking internship last month. I’m making French macarons three to four days a week and I couldn’t be happier. I’m still processing the fact that I’m actually enjoying work and want to go in more often than I already do. After about six months of feeling directionless, I finally feel like I’ve started on the path that is right for me.

Anyway, less talk, more food right?I went to New York over New Year’s, and made two important visits. The first was to Momofuku Milk Bar. As someone who is obsessed with all things baking and pastry, it was nothing less than inspiring. The level of creativity and the execution of out-of-the-box ideas set a new benchmark for what I need to aspire for in my work.

cereal milk

cereal milk: nostalgia, in a bottle

chocolate malt cake truffle

compost cookie

this is in the top 5 cookies I have ever eaten, and let me tell you, I’ve eaten many cookies

i had to try this, and I was extremely impressed with how well it walked the line between sweet and savory

The second important visit was to Sullivan Street Bakery. If you’ve ever made No-Knead Bread, you have owner/proprietor Jim Lahey to thank. Anyone who gives people confidence to make their own food is doing good in the world, so I felt obligated to make a trip to a fairly remote section of Hell’s Kitchen. The bread was good, exactly as I’d expected, and it made me pine for a neighborhood bread bakery back home. The standout of the lot was the stecca, essentially a slightly-sweet Italian baguette studded with tomatoes, garlic cloves or in my case, olives. Seriously delicious, and as I found out, seriously simple to make.

With inspiration, however, comes ‘why the hell didn’t I think of that.’ I’m determined to push myself more this year. I’m apt to follow recipes to the T because I’m still relatively new to pastry, but I think I need to take a few risks and experience more failures so I can feel more comfortable with improvisation. In short: things may get ugly here, but it’s all for a good cause.

Here’s what I’ve been baking since the last update:



flour flour everywhere

I got a King Arthur Flour gift card for Christmas and wasted no time using it (yes, that is 24 pounds of flour)

marble rye

happy baking!

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